Open Source RexDB® can be tailored to meet the specific needs of researchers, clinicians, registry owners, and other data-owners who want to better manage their data.  In-house staff and external partners can make changes to the open-source platform, or, you can turn to us – Prometheus Research.  We provide tailoring services to improve your capabilities in the four major dimensions of integrated data management: Data Acquisition, Data Curation, Data Exploration, and Data Repurposing.

Check out our site to learn more about services and personalized support to accompany your Open Source RexDB platform:

Data Acquisition

  • We help you centralize the data from your current studies using our leading RexDB software
  • We create rapid (dual) data entry screens for the form-based instruments you use most often
  • We set up your studies in RexDB, and teach you to add new studies and their protocols
  • We set up your current users with HIPAA-appropriate privileges, and teach you to manage new ones

Data Curation

  • We model quality constraints to ensure data is consistent within and across research measurements
  • We model calculations, algorithms, and summary variables
  • We create on-demand data quality reports to identify areas for investigation

Data Utilization/Dissemination

  • We provide ad hoc and repeatable data sets, and teach you to generate your own
  • We automate common preprocessing steps, like running univariate statistics and formatting data sets
  • We provide access to visual data exploration tools
  • We provide access to simple and advanced data querying tools
  • We provide data exports into multiple formats and programmatic access for analysis pipeline scripting
  • We ensure granular data access privileges with special consideration for HIPAA-governed ePHI
  • We perform all of the activities necessary to submit data to archives and public repositories, like NDAR.
  • We establish processes and committees for securely sharing data and advise you on best practices for implementing Researcher Distribution Agreements.
  • We help your non-profit or other organization measure the impact of its work.