Who created the proprietary version of RexDB®?

Prometheus Research.

At Prometheus Research, our mission is to help research institutions and funding organizations get more utility from their data. Prometheus offers integrated data management services, expert consulting, and software customization to deliver sensible solutions powered by our adaptable, web-based RexDB® technology. After several previous development iterations used to deliver data management solutions for a wide range of studies in autism and associated disorders research, Prometheus decided to open source all aspects of the RexDB platform for the greater scientific community.  This open sourcing initiative began in 2011 with a completely new redesign of all of the functional elements.  Prometheus develops, configures, customizes, and maintains tools that help users ask more meaningful questions of their data, including:

  • Research Data Repositories
  • Data Integration Pipelines
  • Procedure/Disease Registries
  • Scientific Asset Management Systems
  • Data Collection and Curation Tools
  • Data Marts and Analytics

How has Open Source RexDB been funded?

RexDB is a Prometheus-developed open source software platform, with principal funding coming from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Simons Foundation (NY).  Below are links to several grants we received to extend the platform:

Our professional services support the open source initiative while also delivering value to our customers.  New features cost money to develop, but these in turn increase the value of the platform, and accelerate delivery of our applications.

Where has RexDB been adopted?

For the last decade, we’ve directly supported or collaborated on some of the largest and most ambitious biomedical research endeavors in the world, including the Simons Simplex Collection and the National Database for Autism Research. The tools and processes we’ve helped develop in the areas of study governance, data collection, data curation, data distribution, and data persistence are now considered best practices for collaborative research, and already in use at dozens of institutions across North America.  RexDB has been adapted to a wide variety of challenging environments, most notably for:

  • Academic Research Centers/Labs
  • Academic Research Hospitals
  • Professional Medical Societies and Associations
  • Funding Organizations of Biomedical Research

What is the goal of Open Source RexDB?

Our goal is to take the best practices and tools that we developed for the largest and most ambitious research projects and share them with researchers of all interests.

Our motto is simple: Empower the analyst!

To that end, we are open sourcing (i.e., making freely available) RexDB, the web-based platform that enables analysts to use relational databases to organize, use, and repurpose complex data.

I’m interested in a demo, who do I contact?

Contact our Business Development team at Contact@PrometheusResearch.com if you would like to learn more about RexDB, receive a demo, or just to tell us how cool it is.