Open Source RexDB® is composed of four core software modules and a powerful navigational query language: RexPlatform, RexAcquire, RexCentralRexMart, and RexQL™.  An overview of these components is depicted below. 

RexDB is composed of four functional software modules: RexAcquire, RexCentral, RexMart, and RexPlatform.  Embedded in RexDB is a powerful navigational query language called RexQL.

RexDB can be found on BitBucket
RexDB can be found on BitBucket

RexDB was recently made publicly available on Bitbucket – check it out at 


Source code for RexDB is publicly available on bitbucket:



A toolkit for quickly setting up and extending RexDB

RexPlatform is a toolkit that enables the installation of all necessary software for hosting, building and extending a RexDB instance.  It contains a thin data-access layer called RexQL and tools used to deploy database schemas, conduct ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) operations, and rapidly build screen interfaces.



Rapid and accurate data entry by staff and research subjects.


RexAcquire is a comprehensive Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and ETL platform that includes mechanisms to directly capture data from various clinical informants, as well as a duel-data validation entry system designed for rapid keyboard entry by clinical staff members.

Creating web-based forms in RexDB

RexDB’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) tool, RexAcquire, allows users to create their own forms for web-based data acquisition.

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A lightweight, easily configurable data entry system.  RexAquire lets you:

  • Easily configure forms for entry by research subjects (self-administered questionnaires) or dual-entry by staff.
  • Track the progress of data entry for all assessments.
  • Maintain different versions of the same assessment.
  • Quickly configure assessments using repeating groups, skip-and-set, and disable logic.
  • Annotate null or missing values.
  • Integrate other EDC tools with RexDB.



Clean your data.  Manage your studies.

RexCentral Enrollment Manager
RexCentral Enrollment Manager

RexCentral contains a study management data structure to manage the complexities of single visit or longitudinal studies, including enrolling participants and tracking recruitment.


RexCentral Study Manager
RexCentral Study Manager

RexCentral contains a study management data structure to manage the complexities of single visit or longitudinal studies, including setting up appointments and associating protocols with those appointments. 

An extensible and compact data collection hub that can accept, transform and merge data from RexAcquire and a plethora of external data sources, including data feeds, legacy systems and ad hoc flat files (CSV, Excel, etc). A set of reporting tools that allows users to review the data being collected in RexCentral, run an assortment of custom data quality reports and apply corrections before the data is included in the final data set.  RexCentral lets you:

  • Easily transform data from RexAcquire into new data models.
  • Safely migrate legacy data using customized tools.
  • Access wizards to manage new studies, subjects, and assets.
  • Configure new instrument screens.
  • Efficiently link to “unsearchable” data such as large files.
  • Schedule and manage the recruitment of study participants.
  • Quickly browse data using generic search tools.
  • Access wizards to help you configure sophisticated metadata.
  • Design custom data quality checks and reports.
  • Manage single-visit or multi-site longitudinal studies.



Explore, Visualize, and Securely Share your data.

RexMart Meta Search
RexMart Meta Search

RexMart enables users to create custom, shareable data sets from RexIntegrate.  Users can summarize, visualize, and statistically analyze their form, participant, study and biospecimen research data within RexDB and export the results in standard formats (e.g. Excel, SAS, SPSS or R)


A data exploration system that allows users to quickly create custom data sets.  RexMart includes powerful querying tools for distinctly different classes of users.  RexMart lets you:

  • Tag data sets and data release workflows for version control.
  • Build custom cohorts from characterization variables and easily select bio-materials for further study.
  • Save and reuse custom cohorts.
  • Easily designate which instruments to include in a data set.
  • Perform powerful full-text searches to identify variables of interest across the entire database.
  • Finely control access to your data and leverage pre-built approval processes.
  • Access the entire database using the robust open-source query language, RexQL.
  • Transform derived data using powerful and reproducible ELT processes.
  • Perform univariate statistics to generate cross tabs and execute preliminary analysis.



Robust, open-source navigational query language for data analysts.

RexQL is based on the popular, easy-to-use HTSQL query language
RexQL is based on the popular, easy-to-use HTSQL query language

RexQL is a thin data access layer used to create simple or complex queries, conduct ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) operations and rapidly build screen interfaces.  RexQL is based on HTSQL – visit to learn more.

Using RexQL for Wide- and Long- Data Format Conversion

RexQL is based on the popular HTSQL ( open source navigational query language for relational databases.  Converting between wide- and long- data formats for compatibility with statistical packages is a common challenge for researchers. In RexDB, wide- and long-format data sets are easily created using RexQL.

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A user-friendly relational database query language for exploring rich heterogeneous data over the web.  RexQL lets you:

  • Easily write and share database queries via the web for complex ad-hoc reporting
  • Wrap your database with a web service layer, translating HTTP requests into SQL and returning results as HTML, JSON, XML, and other standard outputs
  • Quickly uptrain data analysts and “accidental programmers” to fulfill traditionally complex data query tasks
  • Develop auditable data transformation pipelines for ETL purposes
  • Access an entire suite of query syntax for free (download our RexQL User Manual for reference)